Plas Bach (Little Mansion)  

 Cottage - Penbryn  


Cosy Plas Bach cottage long and low

Nestling in its valley where time goes slow

A more tranquil place would be hard to find

With natures soothing rhythm to help you unwind


The little bubbling millstream flows by with beauty peace and grace

Then natural power as the 30 foot waterfall cascades down the solid rock face

Follow the winding stream for just 500 unspoilt yards more

Through vibrant wooded valley down to the sea shore


Here rugged cliffs surround the lovely golden sandy bay

Whilst at sea the dashing dolphins sometimes come to play

Look to the sky for the majestic hovering rare red kite

And as daylight ends the hooting owl heralding the night



Relaxing Plas Bach an experience you will want to repeat

A wonderful magical, natural, revitalising retreat

 Let Plas Bach and Penbryn Inspire You 






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